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About Us


Our Goal

Our primary objective is to help each individual achieve and maintain optimum health. Too often, good health is taken for granted. Only when ill do many persons realize what a valuable asset good health truly is. Being well – or staying healthy – is no accident; it requires the commitment of both the individual and the physician.

Practice Philosophy

We hope to be your guide and partner in maintaining your health. We emphasize prevention of disease states, but when disease does occur, we provide diagnosis and specialized treatment for most medical problems confronted by adults, adolescents and pediatrics. As a specialist in Internal Medicine, we are uniquely qualified to provide both primary medical care from adolescence through old age and technically advanced care for complex medical problems.

Communication is a key element of our practice. Talk to us. We are here to listen and help you, as much as possible. It is our belief that you are best served by being well informed. If you are given a diagnosis or a recommended treatment that you do not understand, please ask questions. We expect our patients to follow recommendations given to them to the best of their ability. You can expect our providers and staff to stay informed of changes in the science and business of medicine and utilize technology advances such as electronic medical records.

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